INKGIANT DTGA3 printer with epson DX5 head

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INKGIANT DTGA3 printer with epson DX5 head
Items Specification
Machine model BF-DTGA3
Printhead  epson DX5 print head
Ink type Water based pigment ink
RIP software Photoprint
Printing size 320mm*580mm
The maximum thickness 12cm
The maximum weight 5KG
Printing resolution 2880dpi*1440dpi*720 dpi
Speed 1pc/3mins
Capacity 20pcs T-shrit/hour 
Printer size 83CMx90CM x58CM
Printer packaging size 107cm*102cm*80cm
Printer net weight 61KG
Printer gross weight 101KG
Power requirement 110-220V 50-60HZ 300W
Interface  USB2.0/IEE1394
Computor system Windows XP/7, MAC
Working condition 20-35℃, 50-80% humidity
Application Pure cotton,blended facbric, leather, garment, cut-parts and so on
Printer feature 1.Whole aluminum frame: keep the stand completely flat and the platform error does not exceed 0.05, alignment accuracy is 100%
2.The white ink circulation system makes ink more stable, continuous printing without break line, no clogging head. And reduce much cost of replacing head.
3.Infrared head induction device: effective protection of print head, not easy to scratch
4.Automatic cleaning of waste ink: one button, not easy to dirty hands and clothes
5.Many humanized designs: easy to maintain, no need to disassemble the shell
6.The printhead is more easy to maintain:The ink tube and sac is smooth going, which will not cause insufficient ink fluidity. It's also faster to replace the ink sac


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