INKGIANT new technology DTF printer and powder dryer machine

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INKGIANT new technology DTF printer and powder dryer machine
Items Specification
Machine model BF-60E-G
Printhead  New double epson I3200-A1
Ink type Water based pigment ink
Color CMYK+W(optional color: OR GR B R FM FY LC LM LK LLK)
RIP software FlexiPRINT
Printing width 60cm
Printing resolution 2400DPI
Speed 8-12sqm/hour
Capacity 200pcs T-shrit/hour 
Printer size 1600mm*960mm*1300mm(L*W*H)
Printer packaging size 1860mm*960mm*760mm(L*W*H)
Printer net weight 160KG
Printer gross weight 200KG
Powder dryer machine size 1600mm*960mm*1160mm(L*W*H)
Powder dryer machine packaging size 1800mm*1000mm*1400mm(L*W*H)
Powder dryer machine net weight 205KG
Powder dryer machine gross weight 250KG
Installation area 4 square meter
Power requirement for printer 110-220V, 3000W
Power requirement powder dryer 110-220V, 5000W
Computor system Windows 7/10
Working condition 20-35℃, 50-80% humidity
Application T-shirt, Canvas bag, Jeans, Pollows, Lable printing and etc.
Printer feature 1.High quality and stable starting performance and running performance of servo motor;
2.Bass slideway and high quality printing table could make sure high efficiency output;
3.Specifically designed adjustable air fan device along with printhead;
4.High quality ink stack will keep printhead clean and work long life;
5.High quaity and powerful printhead carriage;
6.High perfermance take up system with sensor;
7.Simple and less maintenance;
8.White ink circulation system;
9.One key breathable function;
10.Low ink volume alarm;
Powder dryer feature 1.Harmonic vibration and centrifugal patting device for powder being cleanly shaked off film;
2.Simple buttons for adjusting speed,temperature and shaking frequency;
3.Automatic constant temperature, intelligent temperature control;
4.Stable and efficient winding system with sensitive sensor;
5.Automatic correction function of film transmission;
6.Excellent powder shaking and cleaning system;
7.Far-infrared heating with 5pcs heating tube;
8.Air suction mesh belt tunnel drying system;
9.Preheating device and the rear fan;
10.Easy operation & high capacity;
11.Powder recycling system;
12.Stronger machine body;


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