Integrated UV DTF roll to roll printer BF-UV60E4

January 31, 2023

To meet the demand for greater efficiency, we have launched a new generation of UV DTF printers, comply with Epson Precision Core MicroTFP printhead, with speed up to 8-12m²/h. The new generation UV DTF printer BF-UV60E4 has 4 printheads,suitable for all walks of life, rich transfer materials, packaging carton, acrylic board, PVC board, KT board, steel plate, iron plate, aluminium plate, glass, marble and other materials can be transferred. The features are as follows:

(1.) Sturdy and stable machine body
(2.) Ink shortage alarm device
(3.) Double emergency stop configuration, safe and reliable;
(4.) Negative pressure system, white ink circulation system, ink damper constant temperature system;
(5.) The Honson board control system is matched with epson I3200-U1 printhead to achieve accurate high-definition printing;
(6.)Rip color management software, the printing pattern is saturated and bright
(7.) High-quality guide rails and sliders, the trolley runs more stably;
(8.) High-quality motor, more accurate printing and stepping;
(9.)The UV lamp uses a water-cooled tank to prolong the service life of the UV lamp
(10.) Integrated printer with laminating function;
(11.) The configuration of white+color+glue+varnish+glue makes the printing surface three-dimensional and glossy;
(12.) Easy to operate, easy to transfer;
(13.) Wide range of applications, applicable to most materials;
(14.) One print, no MOQ, effectively reducing the cost of personalized customization;


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