We have launched DTF heat transfer machine

November 12, 2020

Along with the trends of multiply garment customized products developing. We have launched DTF heat transfer machine. As soon as this machine was launched, it was well responded by customers. The main advantage of this product is that it could be applied to all kinds of fabric materials, applied products like dark and white T-shirt, canvas bag and other customized garment products. Widely application makes it very popular.

Our new generation DTF heat transfer machine has the features as following:

1.High quality and stable starting performance and running performance of servo motor;

2.Printhead carriage is running smoothly and exactly;

3.High quality ink stack will keep printhead clean and work long life;

4.Bass slideway and high quality printing table could make sure high efficiency output;

5.Digital display for hidden type platform heating device, specifically designed air fan device along with printhead;

6.White ink circulation system;

7.Low ink volume alarm;

8.One key breathable function;

9.Excellent powder shaking and cleaning system;

10.Vacuum conveyor belt;

11.Powder recycling system;

12.Stable and efficient winding system with sensitive sensor;

13.Stronger machine body;

14.Easy cooperation and high capacity;

15.Suitable for all kinds of fabric materials.

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