The first-generation UV DTF Roll to Roll was successfully launched

March 03, 2022

The first generation UV DTF roll-to-roll printer (BF-UV60E4) is equipped with 4 Epson's latest print heads, epson I3200-U1, with high printing accuracy and fast speed. BF-UV60E4 prints glue directly, the pattern has no glue edge after transfer, and the special UV DTF ink makes the printing color more beautiful and the product is higher-grade. At present, this solution is widely used in gift boxes, office supplies, jewelry boxes, cartons, glass cups, metal cups, plastic bottles and other hard material products, customized logos for special-shaped products, one piece of printing, fast delivery. The machine is equipped with a negative pressure ink supply system to ensure stable ink supply. In addition, it is equipped with an ink circulation system to ensure continuous ink printing for a long time; BF-UV60E4 is also equipped with constant temperature system for printhead and damper to ensure that the ink viscosity does not vary in different environments. And the damper exhaust system could eliminate the bubbles generated during the ink flow in time, and stay away from the trouble of ink missing. BF-UV60E4 continues to keep strengthened machine body in the past, the body does not jitter during the printing process, and the printing is more stable; And with thickened and thick rubber roller, the material has no indentation, and the stepping is more precise. Looking forward to the surprise that BF-UV60E4 will bring us in more applications!

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